Private/Semi-Private Training

During private sessions, players will focus on form and technique with their coach.  Semi-private sessions are a desirable medium between Private instruction and Group Training and is great for kids with more restrictive schedules. Semi-private lessons with players of the same or similar level are encouraged once the player’s form and technique is achieved.

Group Training (Clinics)

Group dynamics motivate players to apply themselves differently (and usually more eagerly) than during private training. Clinics also train players to increase stamina.

Solo Practice

Solo practice is the secret to high racquet skills. It is the one element that all top ranked juniors and professionals share. Solo practice is best used once a player has attained a certain level of technique.

Match Play (Team Training)

Match Play is where players implement the skills acquired with the coaches. Without the battle hardness that comes with match play, the best technique can be of little help in winning matches.

Fitness and Strength Training

Squash is a game of balance, agility, strength, explosiveness and endurance. Building a solid strength and endurance base is important to prevent injury and build a strong and explosive squash player. Plyometric training is key to a dynamic squash career. Juniors aiming to compete nationally or internationally must spend an ample amount of time on fitness/strength training.

Sport Specific Fitness for Racquet Sports

TPA has joined with CityView Racquet Club to implement Sports Specific Training for racquet sports as the Official fitness program of the CityView Squash Program.

SST involves training inside 4 main areas of physical development. The focus is to improve fitness performance for your individual sport, not to teach your sport. SST is owned and was created by Tim Keller of Tennis Professionals Alliance tpaworldwide.com

It is a system that can be fully modified to meet the needs of a program for individuals and small groups. This training has been taught to high level adults and active professionals.

The program focuses on four main areas:

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance/Coordination
  2. Muscle Strength
  3. Muscle Endurance
  4. Flexibility

When combined together, in time, this regimen will lead to improved balance, explosiveness, speed and stamina. To achieve these goals it is vital to put mental focus, discipline and strength into work.

Outline for the Junior Academy

Small groups (a maximum 4 participants) will work side by side in a timed rotation of an average of 16 minutes cycles and focus solely on one of the four main areas of development. Within that time only 3 to 4 movements will be shown and while some moments will be intense, alignments and safety will be stressed first. Intensity and dynamic repetition can only increase upon knowing that alignments are correct.

Progress over time is paramount and nothing short of Mental Focus, Effort, Patience and Respect will be expected.

For further information on SST email: info@tpaworldwide.com, the creators of the program.